Wednesday, November 14, 2007

22 March : The Date

Day by Day...Year by Year..But time is still running out.

Sometimes we forget how important time in our life and sometimes we forget how to appreciate what we have around. Today (22 March 2007), i'm getting 25. Enough said that i'm getting old and old. Each year we are getting older. But, have we achieve what we've dream of since we were a baby, a kid, a student and until now.

We can't ever imagine what gonna happend to us in the future. But, as long as we can try harder to realize our dream, that's not impossibble to make it real.

For the past years, i'm always questioning everything that exist in my surrounding. But do i have the answers for the questions that always keep running here and there in my mind..?? I don't think so!

* Am i have a happy and loving family..??
* Am i a good son for my parents..??
* Am i a good brother for my siblings..??
* Am i have good and caring friends..??
* Am i have a good job for my future..??
* Am i got what it takes to be a good boyfriend or husband..??
* Am i really honest to make friends..??
* Am i a good friend for anyone who know me...??

But the truth is, i really..really..really appreciate what i have around. My family, my friends and my job (even i am always change it). I could never ever imagine what will happend to me if they are not beside me. Surely i can't live without it.

For my family, thanks for raised me until i become a HUMAN.
For my friends, thanks for accepted me as your friend even we just become friend in one single day.


fitilicious said...

time goes time...
so slowly...
dun tink so...
but its rite to remind our self about old...
50%...abg hv achieve ur dreams rite..?
notin impossible..
to me...
abg was gud enough..even sometimes abg can b so serious(makes me scare,duno y)!!!
i do appreciate abg also..


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