Monday, November 19, 2007

I Know Myself Better Than You Do..

Lately ni lot of troubles come to my life, even i've try hard to avoid and dont think about it, but its still kill me deep inside..dont know what to do in life..everything i did seem wrong..and i dont felt comfortable wit that..

I tried to act like nothing was happened..avoiding my feelings toward anything..but its still keep running trough my head. what's wrong with me..??? i dont have any idea..i dont have any answers..

I felt guilty to myself coz i'm not behave like i my surrouding and to people who know me.. i dont blame people to every mistake happened coz i dont know who was right or who did wrong.

Sometimes, i think that i'm the most annoying person on earth, always look for people mistakes without realizing who am i actually.. i dont want to be hypocrite.. i dont want to be fake to my self. what u see is what i am now. i'm not pretending to be someone else like poeple wanted me to be. i like who i am and i want people love me from the way the saw me.

I know my self better than people do..!


ray eusouff said...

dear adam,

normal la tu....the complex thing is 'the brain' dan yang paling susah nak jaga 'the heart' dan 'the jantung' helps u to carry on.

Dalam kita mahukan orang menerima diri kita, kita kena menerima diri sendiri.

kita juga kena juga belajar menerima orang lain.

Itu yang susah nak buat...tapi ia adalah hakikat yang semua orang lalui...cuma cara seseorang nak buat tu berbeza.

Good Luck !

Lina Ratu Drama said...

are you okay? you're down with something uh? it's normal kan life with problems.. yang penting, adam kena strong ah to face it.. you can't run away from probs. you must reflect the root of the problems..

yeap, lately you're not the adam that i know.. but like you said, you know yourself better than others.. maybe this is you when you tgh ada problem.. people can't blame you.. no, you're not the most annoying person in the world. you are who you are. we love you. take care brother! and don't think too much.. (: nanti you'll hurt yourself.

Ismail said...

ko rasa x best ke skrg?
...Jgnlah kau anggap sesuatu yg x BEST itu selama2nyer x BEST.Kerna setiap yg x BEST itu kau anggaplah ia sebagai yg BEST.dan ketidakBESTan itu bagaikan tidak ada,kerna setiap yg x BEST itu kao anggap ia sebagai BEST, maka bBEST lah ia...yakin buleh!

p/s: Apa x BEST ke nama apak kamu kasi tu? udah nk tukar name jgk ke?...ehehhe...jgn mara aa...

Ahmad Zhafri Ahmad Zahir said...

kawan baru,

more or less, same je ape yg aku nak ckp... cube try ayat ni

"only God and you truly know yourself, if you no matter how cannot find the answer yourself, go for God's as God know better"



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