Monday, January 14, 2008

Trip To Bukit Tinggi

Its has been a long time for me and I guest for us (me, zam, ena, ana & pak tam) to had our quality moments together…with my closest friends since we were study in diploma level. Miss them so much. Everybody seems to be busy with their works and activities. Career comes as our priority. But however, last weekend is the moments that I will never-ever forget. Spending time with them, hang-out from day to night given us the miss moments that we wish to have before. It’s such a lovely day for me. What I’ve planned goes smooth but, we still miss Aleng, Rafiz and few names to be with us that day.

After watching movies ‘Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang’ with Lis on Saturday, I ‘ve planned to hang-out with my long lost friends who which to be my closests friends ever on Sunday. Without plan where to go, after meeting everybody, we just decided to have a trip to Bukit Tinggi. Everyone just looks so excited coz’ this is the thing that we had planned since our student-life.
* * *
..The Trip..
* * *
At 10.00 am -
I met Zam and Pak tam at PJ 14. Park my car at zam’s house and using his MyBoo for the trip. Then we went to Bukit Aman to fetch Ana and Ena there. Surprisingly coz’ we had no idea where to go. 1st plan, just meet them at some place, then having our ‘lepak’ time or unless watching movies together. Then I come out with the idea to go to Bukit Tinggi coz this is our dream place to visit long time ago.
* * *
Arround 11.00 –
Having our breakfast at Tanglin Nasi Lemak. (Place that suppose to be far for me but its only less than 5 minutes to reach ...hahahahha..)
* * *
12.00 pm –
Started our journey to Bukit Tinggi after bought some junk foods, nuts and drinks at Petronas near to Karak Highway. Supposely, we met Aleng there, but with some misunderstanding issues, Aleng cannot take part together with us this sad…
* * *
i guest its 1.00 pm –
After lost for a while (ahhahaha..), we now arrived at the place with thousand remarkable views. So great..So excited...So nice..So interesting.
* * *
picture taken at the Japanese Village site
Take 5!

Ogenki desu.! Anatano namae wa nan desu ka..?

me and Zam at the entrance of village

infront of Colmar Tropicale
F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H..I.P never broke..

what's up doc..?

violance wont solve anything...DONT TRY THIS AT HOME..!

view from inside

Pak tam and fiance, Ana..Ena and Zam..not the fiance..ekekek..!!

little it so much..!
supposely our meals for lunch time..but it's almost 7pm there..

my lunch.. Sizzling Chicken Chop..yummy..
no comment..ahaks..!!


liyanaz said...

isshhh3 lawa nya gambo...
jelousnya aku. Apsal gambo yg kt ikan ko nyer bagus sgt nya??
ko umpan ikan2 tu mkn apa sampe mereka2 dtg kt ko hehehehe

KeMatZ said...

hemmmm... memang best.... hopefully lehhh hang out lagi next time.... semoga korang semua success ngan career masing masing and ikatan persahabatan ini berkekalan..... InsyaALLAH


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