Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Review: The Orphanage



That's all i can say about this movie. It was great for a thriller-horror movie like this. When recieved a called from my friend to watch this movie, i wondered how boring this movie can be plus the language (not english or hindi even thai) that will made me figured out what the h**l they are talking about but however, my judgement is totally wrong.

The Orphanage, a story about Laura, a young girl who grew up as an orphanaged child and later get married to a doctor and adopted a child named Simon who had HIV positive. She loved her son very much even he's not from her own blood. But there's something about Simon that cant be clarified by his parents when he always mentioned about his invisible friends. Things are getting worst in this family when Simon slowly changed his behaviour and dissapeared. Laura believed about what has been told by Simon regarding his invisible friends and try discovered what's happened and where his son now. The question is, what's really happened in this family? Is it about the house, the child, or is it related to Laura' childhood life..and is Simon is still alive..??

Honestly i do like this movie. The character Laura played by Belen Rueda who won the Best Actress in Barcelona Film Award 2007 is very fascinating and outstanding. Not to forget Roger Princep whom played Simon is really attracting. The Orphanage will bring viewers to a different view of living especially the feel to be an adopted child and as an orphanage as well. For those who like the horror-thriller and love in family concept of film, i suggest you to watch this movie. As an additional info for you, this movie has release in 2007 and just won 30 awards all over the world and has been nominated fo 27 nominations including national and international film awards.


Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...


Maybe I will go and see it soon.

Care for a second time?

Adam-ArJuna said...

actually i do care for a 2nd time..but..the prob is...

i already bought these movie's DVD...


Lina said...

erm, nak jgak tgk citer nie..
i got read this movie nyer sinopsis.. and it looks attractive and mysterious..

Adam-ArJuna said...

Hi Lina...
tgk citer ni..jgn tak tgk..
mmg best and touching..

Recommended to watch..!!

after watching, u can review it whether it is nice or not..ok..


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