Friday, May 30, 2008

I Luv Book

Seems i got no idea what should i write in this blog..i'm totally lost and blurr..Dont know where to start and what to tell.

Planning to have fun with my buddies in previous week but still dont know what to do. Actually i do have several plans but because of time and money evrything should be arrange over and over again.. Boring..

Last week, I had received compliment letter with RM80 cash vouchers from my work-place, Taylor's University College to buy product in MPH Bookstore. Nice. What I want to buy..?? Book..?? Again..?? Eventhough i'm working with environment full of books, facing at new book everyday, but i'm still hoping that i want to have one for my own collection. I really enjoy reading lately. May be i should get a copy. What book..? Novel..? I think so. Anyhow, thank a lots Taylor's with this special vouchers.

Here..after visited MPH SACC with few friends, i managed to get these 3 books. Spended arround 2 hours in MPH just for browsing a couple of books. There's a lot of titles, and collection in MPH, but the question is, which one i prefer with? By added another RM10, I finally got the books that i thing will inspiring me with the writting. I Hope so.

These are the books that i bought using the vouchers. Currently i'm still reading book with title Life's Like That: scence from Malaysian life written by Lydia Teh which had a best-seller for book called Hoink! If You're Malaysian. The other two books is Bertemu Janji Allah written by Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, and A Thousand Splendid Suns by the author of best-seller novel in U.S, The Kite Runner..Khaled Hosseini.

The Dark River is not mine actually, it's belong to my housemate who bought the book together with me. We enjoy reading anyway.

wait for my up coming review for the movie 'The Orphanage' and 'Long Khong 2' that i watched last week.


mesin.masa said...

bertemu janji allah?? alhamdulillah...

Adam-ArJuna said...

Wah..!! walopon ko tersangat sibuk ngan aktiviti ko bulan ni sampai tak der masa nak lepak ngan aku, tp masih sempat nak drop komen kat blog aku ni..

terharu nya...

nnt aku bg ko baca buku tu eyh..ehehe...hope u get well soon...

nnt blanja aku makan k..nak tuntut yg bday aku ari tu...walopon beday ko is is just around the corner..ahaks..

Lina said...

adam ada buku "the kite runner?"
lina nak jgak baca buku dia..
that time, my teacher tunjuk video of it.. tapi sikit jer..

ayuputeri said...

A Thousand Splendid Suns book tue mcm best jer..heheheh..

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