Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zoom In @RTM 1

Erlow guys...i'm back with new entry..hehe..

But i guest its nothing much to say, just wanna share with u guys my experienced attended the program handled by RTM 1, 'Zoom In Bersama Erra Fazira.'

We (me and DFC Team) just been informed dat Dafi will be the guest stars for the show, singing his 1st single 'Bila Terasa Rindu'. The show was hosted by our beautiful talented singer/actress, Erra Fazira accompanied by other guest artists such as Fazli Zainal, Fiq, Louisa Chong, Kencana Dewi, Badul and DAFI.

Watching this show in live scenario was given me new experienced 'coz i never been in Angkasapuri before. It's such a great plan especially for us (DFC) coz we have never been together, hang-out here and there and meet each other for a quite sometimes. It was really fun dat nite.

About 40 members of DFC was made themself available specially to see how Dafi perform in live and not forgotten to see DFC members who some of them never ever meet each other before. The most proudly moment, when Erra keep mentioning about us who just look so obvious from the stage 'coz most of us are wearing in red colour. Making our own usual noise also make us look so active campared to others. DFC - Dare To Be Different.

Eventhough i'm no longer to be part as AJK for them (DFC), but my respect and support will keep running towards them.

The show was ended arround 10.30 pm and after waiting for some promo to be recorded, and photo session thingy, we just leave Angkasapuri arround 12.00 am.

Below are some photos taken dat nite. Sadly we cant snap even single pictures during the show. So..enjoy guys..!!

Photo obsession: me and Kak Lyn

Fun isn't it..? Fara, me, Megat and Lilo

While waiting for others..

Take chance to be on stage and doing some pose infront the backdrop.

The Diva

After Finish. PART OF THE TEAM

Say cheese... World Peach..!!


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