Monday, July 14, 2008

Bestman Again...

Acara Majlis Perkahwinan Khairul Iskandar & Norazura

Bertempat di Taman Rinting, Masai, Johor.

12 Julai 2008

Well guys, tak byk pon aku nak citer utk posting ni..just nak bitau aku jadi pengapit LAGIiiii... ahaha..tak bley blah dowh! this is my 3rd time became a bestman. Hurmm.. planned do it for the next 24 times so that i can make a sequal film of 27 Dresses 'Malaysian Version'...than i can have my own wedding...wakakaka...

To Is & Zura, thanks for everything. It was great and good experience for me to get closed of your both families and to share this remarkable wedding with me. Wishing you guys happily ever after..Insya-Allah..

The bride..not prejudice..

The 'makan beradab' time. What i love most during my time become bestman is the foods. It was so delicious and so variety.

My bestfriend wedding..


Lina said...

asyik jadi bestman jer..
bila laa adam nya turn eh?
insya-allah.. :p

Adam Arjuna said...

tu la pasal lina..
tak bley blah kan?

erk..!! my turn..? tunggu sampai 27 kali lagi la nampaknya...

hahaha..susah dpt jodoh..terpaksa la tunggu...ekeke..


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