Friday, July 11, 2008

Why So Hard Learning English [part 01]

Let start this topic with the question, "does English language is hard to learn??" Probably, it will be the simplest question ever but the answer is yet to be telling, isn’t it? And why is that?

In our most lovely country, we learned English since we were in 1st graded – easy to say since we were in standard 1. In fact nowadays, most of the children who is going to kindergarten had learned English as well. How lucky there are right? If we think back, it took about 11 years for each individual learned English until they're finished their form 5 studies, but unfortunately most of us still don’t know how to write, speak and understand English very well including myself. Enough said, do we use ENGLISH in our daily conversation? I bet we DON’T! correct me if i'm wrong..

Day by day, the world is changing, the world is developing, but do we develop our self simultaneously with this era? Another question with no answer! Frankly speaking, for me English is not so hard to learn, and not so hard to understand. We just need to open our mind, absorb everything that has positive impact to our self. English will become easy without our noticed.
to be continue...


Lina said...

terasa skejap Lina..
haha! i'm not good in English..
but i think English is not hard to learn.. in fact we don't have to really learn or maybe don't have to learn at all.. we must READ in order to have good vocab and good pronunciation..

but i think, English is important because it is used in daily life. kalau tau basic tu dah kira okay laa..

do we use English in our daily conversation? i guess some people does use English in daily conversation. maybe they are used to it.. and we also need to talk more in English.. just to practice..

okay, enough said!

Adam-ArJuna said...

thanks lina for all those comments.

yup...its true when saying that English is important in our future life.

how we gonna deal with people whose come from various contries, having an interview session, dealing with various background of people and bla..bla..bla..

wrong doesnt mean that we are WEAK..! is good if we learn beside we just listen...

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

Hello Adam.

Languages; either Malay or English or Mandarin or even Tamil are just a medium of connecting people to communicate.

It is really up to us to interpret languages barrier as our social obligation.

There are no GOOD or BAD english, only poor deliverance of fully construct sentences.

English does play a role a pieces for us to carry to deter the comfort place of our future.But for sure, English language can not be a measurement tools of how successful people will be.

(dah jadik blog aku ke..)

Adam-ArJuna said...

To Ms Nafty;

yup..i'm about to agree with you about english language cannot be a measurement tools of how successful person can be...

but most people nowadays always misinterpret of how success people can be by looking of the external factor that some individual have without noticed the internal factors they had. its quite bad.

for me, we have to learn english or other languages as more as we can, not for showing how success we are, but its for our future own good.

mfmy../ said...

pada gua la kena gi merantau ke satu tempat yang suma org cakap omputih...say...ko gi kerja kat london slma 5 tahun...confirm balik mesia ko dah berabuk cakap omputih...betul tak???

it's x 'bout hard to learn english...but it's the environment and the ambience...

kalau kita dilahirkan sebagai anak mat salleh...kompem kita akan otomatik pandai ckp english kan??kenapa? sbb ambience kita...mak bapak kita cakap omputih...betol tak beb?

kesimpulan ----> marilah kita carik kerja kat UK ke, US ke.... :)

Adam Arjuna said...

to mfmy;

anyway, thanks for your comment.

actually i'm kinda of agree with the environment and ambience things. But for me, we cannot fully blame our parents if we dont know how to use english very well. i met a lot of peoples who can speak and write in english very well, in real life, they are not come from modernized-family-style..

but, its true when we talk about parents should take a serious part when giving a good education to their children.

that's my opinions.


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