Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Men & Accessories

Accessories!! Are you out of your mind...?
Sorry, i'm not ladies ok..!"
Probably, we will hear this sentence when talking about accessories especially to MEN.


The question is, GUYS, are you brave enough to look different by wearing accessories?
Who said man nowadays don't need to have accessories?
Are you afraid of being called as homo or even metrosexual if you wear any kind of accessories..? Nah..! It's Nonsence! Craps! BUT, you might be METROSEXUAL if you dare enough to wear accessories..and thats not really a problem right?..its not big deal!

People cannot judge you for what you put on your body, its doesnt symbolized anything.

Accessories will make you look different and make you to be different.

Ignore what people say because you know yourself BETTER.

There are several type of accessories that mens can wear on from head to toe. Indirectly, we have our own accessory whether we realize it or not. Lets check it out what kind of accessories that suitable to you, MENs..!!

[below are some of the accessories taken from my own collection]

NOT FOR SALE..!! hehehe


KeMatZ said...

ko nak buat jualan amal ke apa... hehehehhe

Megat Eusofe said...

pembetulan adam
bukan skarf yerk
tapi itu kita panggil Keffiyeh

Adam-ArJuna said...

to kematz;

hahaha..lebih kurang la...
nak buat jualan amal utk biaya diri sendiri..ekeke..

to megat;
errk...ye ke megat..??
hahaha...aku tau nama dia Kaffiyeh..
but in general..dia tergolong dlm kategori scarves...ahahaha...

tp bukan tudung cik limah lak eyh..


thanks buddy..

Megat Eusofe said...

tidak adam kafiyeh
sebab skaf adalah skaf..
sama la macam kain batik...walau lohong di bawah dan atas macam kain pelekat..tapi tidaklah sama namanya..

adam af n adam arjuna tu sama x ??

Anonymous said...

kalau ko lelong barang2 ko ni kat eBay mesti laku berjota2 dollar...maklum la ko kan selebriti koneto...



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