Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reply Tag Miss Nafty 'Ayu'

Errghhh....benda paling malas aku nak buat dtg lg... utk tidak mengecilkan hati mbr aku yg aku tgk tak berapa besar sgt hati dia tu kecuali **tuttt** je aku dgn segala hormatnya pon melaksanakan la tanggungjawab ni..For Nafty, here my answers :

5 most CRAZIEST things accomplished in your life;
  • Saying 'I Love You' for the first time to someone i really love with.. But it's long time ago.
  • Being Student Representative for one whole year.. i never imagine of dat.
  • Never went back to kampung for about one year...very the Tanggang kan..?
  • Changing my job for forth time in less than a year.. can you dat?
  • Being my self to what i am now..

5 words you wish to hear all time;

  • from the bottom of my heart, u are my best friend ever and ever (the most sincere way)
  • I love you too..three..four..infinity
  •***** we would like to congratulate to you for winning RM 1 million
  • Jom p makan...aku belanja..ko duduk order jer..
  • setiap bulan aku isi full tank minyak keta ko eyh..

5 things u love in ur room;

  • My Laptop + internet broadband
  • My wordrobe
  • My Bed + Comforter + Pillow
  • My gifts + sourvenirs
  • All my collection

5 last speech you wish to say in your last breath;

  • 2 kalimah syahadah (harap² lancar laa...)
  • I Love you so much
  • Apa jd pon ko tetap SAHABAT aku dunia akhirat
  • Maafkan segalanya yg berkaitan aku k..
  • (kalau meninggal tgh ne nak ucap eyh...???)

5 things u do when get bored;

  • Internet
  • Singing (berteman MP3 aku lerr..)
  • Reading (termasuk bahan bacaan agama yerk..hehe)
  • Bowling
  • Movies

5 persons u LOVE MOST;

  • My self
  • My family (every singgle one)
  • My love
  • My bestfriend
  • YOU

5 silly things that u dont want people know but u have to let people know;

  • 'i dont want people to know!' so..what's the point to answer it

Choose 1 and tell why:

Shoe or handbag -- SHOE la sayang...i tak pakai handbag uols... haha!

Lipstick or mascara -- SKIP! Next question!

Jeans or skirt -- ada ke skirt size aku..?? definitely la JEANS!

Chocolate or ice-cream -- Chocholate!

Singapore or Indonesia -- Indonesia!

Fork or chop stick -- depends!

January or February -- Road tax keta and insurans due on aku pilih February..!

Abdullah Badawi or Anwar Ibrahim -- nnt la aku pikir...!



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