Saturday, February 21, 2009

Movies Review - Bumper Edition

HuUhuHu...Memang tak bley blah bila movie pon aku nak buat edisi bumper! but.."who cares rite..? this is my own blog..who cares what people will say about u pay for what i write?? hehee..(emo plak!! keskeskes..)

Here, i'm gonna give a simple reviews..actually a very simple description about movies i had watched. May be its not really neccessary, coz most movies listed here has been played on cinema few days or may be few weeks ago. Hurmm..just enjoy your reading k.. adios!


The Pink Panther 2

I'm waited for this movie since the annouced made by the production's about the sequel of The Pink Panther. Hearing for who will be cast of the next sequel for the previous movie which is involving the most beautiful lady in the world and indian sweatheart, Aishwarya Rai make me feel excited about this movie. Obviously i loved her so much.

Nevertheless, I give 2.5 out of 5 stars for The Pink Panther 2. It's not a regret watching this movie. You still can smile, laugh and enjoy watching the clueless detective in the world in his action. But for me, its nothing new and surprise about his action because we already know how dumb Inspector Jacques Clouseau can be especially in solving the cases he got.

Somehow, having a dumber and clueless like Clouseau can make people always smile and laugh all day..and may be can make you to watch it on cinema for second time. Enjoy watching guys! :)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I give 4.5 out of 5 stars for this movie. Why? Because i loved this movie damn so much. Great! Yup.. How can i imagine of a lady giving birth to a child born older than herself (may be more than 80 years old) and the child grown up by turned younger. So fantastic. This is why hollywood is always been admired by others regarding their creation towards the special effects, costumes, make up, graphic, storyline and how to make unreality things happened in our life. How i wish to be as Benjamin Button who getting younger and younger day by day and end his life as a baby who just born. So miracle.

But sumthing i'm always question myself about this movie, how people who physically got an adult body with all the bones structures and everything, but turn into a baby..?? so curious.. and may be that's why it call The Curious Case of Benjamin Button rite..??

I bet you guys to watch it!! Seriously you won't regret!


Bride Wars

It's not in the plan at all to watch this movie for the first time. Planning to watch Underworld 3 and later we accidentally bought the Bride Wars tickets. However, after watching it.. i used to give 3.5 stars out 5. Why is that??

Becauce this movie make me enjoyed and laughed all the way.. The characters played so well by both Kate Hudson and Anne Hateway as bestfriends since they were child. Grown up together and planning to have everything in life together including their wedding which one of them have to be each other maid of honor during each other wed. But unfortunetly, things goes wrong when a simple mistakes made by the wedding planner turn their friendship to a really huge wars. And that is how the moment to laugh begin.

Enough said, i enjoyed with this movies and if you asked for a second time, yes i will said, I do to watch it again.



If there's a person who can really make everything become life just only by reading a book, surely we are not in a safe place rite now!! Haha.. and that was what happened in trilogy movies called Inkheart.

Inkheart was a great movie combining action, love and fantacy that will bring audience go through the journey of Mo played by Brendan Fraser to safe the world from the evil which exist because of his unknown talent in the past-time and the journey to find her lovely wife. In a way to fixed everything, Mo has to faced so many things and to keep his own secret as his the only one who know how to use his ability and gift beside knowing that her daughter also have the same power.

As for me, people won't get bored watching Inkheart for the next 106 minutes 'cause you'll get the laugh, adventure action, some scary moments and of cause the special effect will give you satisfaction.

3 stars out of 5 from me!


rizz said...

hehheheh cte benjame button mmg mletop sgt2 romantik..waa falling love sgtzzzzzzzzz

Adam Arjuna said...

huhu..tul tu rizz..
best bangat sih..
tak boring la tgk even citer ni bley dikategorikan as drama2 berat kan...

sbb tranformasi si benjamin ni mmg unik..ahaks!

ayuputeri said...

mmg giler movie yer adam nie...
byk movie adam tgk...
tgk x underworld 3???

indah ruhaila palsu said...

hi adam

cuitnazz said...

salam kenal... aduh apa aku nak komen nih.. lain kali aku komen kat sini yek....

Adam Arjuna said...

Comment to Ayuputeri:

layan movie utk ilangkan stress jer..
lg pon puas ati bila dpt tgk citer ngan screen sebesar alam tuh..huhu
tp sedey..underworld blom sempat nak layan... tunggu DVD pirate la jawabnyer..hehe

Comment to Indah:
tak bley blah...
mcm ku kenal je saper si indah ruhaila palsu ni.. :p

hi la jugerr...

Comment to Cuitnazz:

hi y'all...
salam kenal gak..
thanks eyh sbb sudi drop by kat page serba sederhana ni... hehe

rerajinkan la diri drop by lg kat sini eyh..ahaks!!


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