Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maybelline: Simply Fabulous Grand Finale

Quite a long time kan aku tak apdet blog nih! Teda masa la mau ngadap blogger.com ni utk memerah otak, pikir ayat apa nak tulis and bla..bla..bla..

But, for you guys yg still keep supporting blog aku nih, aku kasi la skit quick update tentang apa yg dah aku buat few days kebelakangan ni. hehe.. phase by phase yerr..

Received an invitation from my house-mate to attend an event of online reality show called Maybelline Simply Fabulous at Euphoria 'Ministry of Sound', Sunway. Memang cam dah lama teringin nak kelabbing kat sini, tp cam tak berkesempatan la... lucky me to have this invitation. Thank you Izman! (saja nak up lelebih manatau dpt tiket len lak pas ni... Beyonce perhaps..hehe.. :P)

The theme of the nite was 'Simply Fabulous!'. Gigih gak aku nak memikir, men'design', memerah otak, me'window-shopping' sana sini hanya utk cari baju yg sesuai dgn konsep event tu. At last, Sg. Wang juga menjadi lokasi utk aku dan Man cari dress utk malam tu.

Sharp 7.15 pm! We are there!

[let the pictures speak for itself k..]

The contestants! Sorry.. tak de shot yg menarik since the stage was design more to runaway style.

The dishes for that nite. Simple yet yummy!

Make over session. For those who are interested in having a new look for themselves before entering the event, here is the place. Most importantly, it's FREE!

The crowd was super duper awesome! Most of them are chinese.

The most gorgeous persons that day. The lovely Sarah Lian and Henry Golding as the hosts for the event.

Juries of the nite. Kimberly Foo (Maybelline make up artist), Sazzy Falak (host/actor), Stevensunny (hair stylist) and Abhi.

Great performanced from James Baum. Frankly speaking, his song was superb!

Big mouth from little kiddo! What a blast performanced from him, Sean Lee!

and the winner goes to..... Nailinder

with Sarah Lian. I thought she's mixed, but both her parents are Chinese.. from Taiping maa..
Who's the most handsome there?? wakakaka... watch his cameo part in Pisau Cukur. I think so.

So... am i look 'simply fabulous' enough that nite..? u tell me... hehe..


Blog Anuar Kamaruddin™ said...

last pic malatop! =D

Adam Arjuna said...

haha.. meletops sampai kababooom ker..?


jejaka anggun said...

dah lama x gi event2 liar cenggini... sonot x?

Adam Arjuna said...

ye ker..? nampka sgt slalu gi kan dolu²...

best gak! enjoy gila la... terasa la skit cam kelabbing... ehehe :P

farish H said...

mletop gaya haaha simply fabulous!

Adam Arjuna said...

bukan selalu dpat berangan meletop kan..
tp still tak leh nak caras rizz kot.. huhu

ayuputeri said...


edzlin007 said...

mcm dafi :p

Adam Arjuna said...

Comment to ayuputeri :

mmg best!
yang penting kita ENJOISSS!! haha

Comment to edzlin :

apakah itu stetment??
mana leh lawan dafi missy.. tidak serupa sama sekali..


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