Thursday, December 11, 2008


Obviously i got a lot of things dat i wanna share with y'all in this entry, but don't know where to start, which one should come first.

Let's make it simple ok! May be its quite late to share, but its ok..just enjoy reading k.

Last Saturday

** my original plan was :

1) going to Summit USJ (by my self) - looking for some application softwares for editing

2) enjoy the rest of my weekend at home and exploring the new software dat i bought plus, i need to finish some pending projects for my upcoming event.

** unplanned agendas dat came out last minutes with the ideas of my sisters, K.Lyn, K.Amy and Fara.

1) Going to perfume warehouse sales at Armada Hotel, Pj at 2.30pm.
-- i never go to any warehouse sales before, and i thought the price of the goods wouldn't be so much different compared to usual days. but..after i visited here..

Should i just ignore it if i can get the original Nautica 75ml for only RM72.00, or David Beckham Instict 50ml with the price only Rm59.00 or even Rocky Black EDP with just only RM19.00.
Never. Hahaha...

Total cost i just spend for the pefumes is RM150.00. Huh..!! totally not listed in my budget this month. But, it's worth it rite??


Went to Carrefour Subang Jaya, accompanied the girls browsing and buying thier accessories for our upcoming event. From Carrefour, we headed to Subang Parade and went back to Carrefour and having some cupcorns recommended by Fara. Taste was so nice.

Errkk..!! Dude..what happend to my 1st plan?? Aarrggh!!!

Kak Amy send me back to my car dat i parked earlier near to my office and the next plan is going to Fara's house for having a chit-chat, gossiping, eat the 'lemak' duku brought by kak Lyn.


Eeerrrggg...My car got stranded. No power, the engine turn off, no lights, no alarm. I thought i just missed to fill the fuels. Went to the nearest petrol station to a have a few liter of fuels, but the result was same. Aarrgghhh..

Sending some smsses to my friends to get thier respond. Told kak lyn dat i'm not gonna make it to fara's house coz my car broke down.

Tension. I called one of my dearest friends Mr. Zam a.k.a Kematz for a hand and i thought he's not arround. Knowing him plus, it's weekend. What do u expect right? .

Lucky Me. He just hang-arround in nearby place. he came and help work-out on it. We test with the jumper start first but unfortunately, negative result. Went to the nearest shop to but a new car battery..but again..Negative result. most of the shop closed already..

Waarrrggghhh.. I just spend for RM150.00 for my perfumes and i know that have to spend for atleast RM200.00 for a new battery.Ka-ching!! My money goes again. Hahaha...Nothing i can do. My car is my life!

I asked Kematz to send me to Fara's house and meet the rest there. i just thinking to asked kak amy to send me back to Shah Alam as she live near to my house. My Car is still in the parking area. And i have to wait until the next day to solve the problem. Again..luckily Kematz is free to help.


Kak Amy got other things to catch up dat nite and she asked her hubby (Abg Sham) to send me and Kak Lyn back to Shah Alam. Hurmmm... but we need to see him at Summit USJ coz he waiting us there. And its good opportunity for me coz i finally can complete my 1st mission there. Buying new application software as i was planned erlier.. ahaha..

Mission accomplished!


Babyjane[The Juliet] said...

blog walking ~

~SYAMELIA~ said...


kelakar la baca posting adam kali ni...
so kira kitorg ni penghasut la ek...
well, worth kn...

cian adam..
punyalah lama stranded sampai habis nasik goreng dkt umah fara... LOL

btw, i had fun dat day la...

Adam Arjuna said...

Hi Babyjane[The Juliet]..
thanks for dropping by..:)

To Kak Amy :

sgt tak blkey blah...
larik dr plan asal ku sbb ikut korang..
dah kering kontang dah account bank ni.. ka-ching! mcm bunyi mesin jack pot..hehe

but dont worry..
i wont blame u guys la...
sendiri rambang mata gak sbnrnya..
but its worth it...1st time bli perfumes uols..

bila lg nak suh mak fara masak nasi goreng nih? comfirm adam abiskan lg.. ehehe..

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

tu la adam...
jgn cepat terpengaruh ngn anasir yang kuat membeli nieh

mmg la murah...kan? tapi duit jugak..
lagi pun apalah gunanya wangi je lebey tapi poket kosong kan?


mesin.masa said...

citer pasal raya haji takde pown... :(

Adam Arjuna said...

To Ray :

yezza mr ray...
setuju tu...hehehe..
poket kosong wat pe kan..
sangap je nnt... ni pon poket tgh kosong..
huarggg..bila gaji nak masuk!!!!

To Fauzi :

nnt la bro aku update yerk..
bz sket la lately nih..
sorry eyh..

p/s : jgn bosan membaca blog ku..hehe

~SYAMELIA~ said...

sebenanya ray jeles coz dia terlepas pg perfume sale...



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